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DanceSafe: health and safety info for club drugs and their admirers

Harm Reduction

A philosophy of public health, intended to be a progressive alternative to the prohibition of certain lifestyle choices. The central idea of harm reduction is the recognition that some people always have and always will engage in behaviors which carry risks, such as casual sex, prostitution, and drug use.

The Institute at the Harm Reduction Coalition

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This is a FREE website dedicated to the naked male body, gay nudist and naturist with many list and links for entertainment pleasures. Includes health, fitness, exercise and great stuff for all body types. This is NOT a porn site, but does contain mature themes including nudity.

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A focused user can find what they need. We try to provide the links with the least clutter. Our directories and information links will include advertisements that are produced in abundance.

Focus: Male Body Resources

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We try to provide the links with the least clutter. Our directories andhiv information links will include advertisements that are produced in abundance.

These links give alot of information to help guide all body types through a real life experience in the LGBT Community.

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Wanna Play?

How the Body Works --- the body's basic sexual response cycle.

Tell him how good it feels: Men thrive on praise, never more so than between the sheets. Not only will it make him feel like a million bucks, but it'll keep you both focused on what's

Undress him: The longer you can prolong this, the more wonderful, agonizing tension you'll build. If you can manage it without breaking the flow, proceeding to undress while he watches will make him putty in your hands.


What's the best kind of condom?

There are so many condoms out there, so many choices and so little time. There are condoms marketed and labeled as "ultrasensitive," and these are usually thinner and provide more warmth and direct contact. When you buy or choose condoms, look for the ones with the word "ultrasensitive." In addition, using water-based lubrication can increase the pleasure and decrease the risk of small tears or cuts that allow STDs and HIV entry into a partner.

There's a newish condom called Pleasure Plus that has a pouch near the head for larger and uncut penises. It also has ribs and lube on the pouch for extra sensation. On the Condomania web site can help you decide which to try. They also sell condom samplers so you can try a few and see which you like enough to buy more of.

The truth about barebacking

On barebacking, my boyfriend (top) has had three negative tests over nine months and I have had one. Are we pretty well OK? If you mean negative HIV tests, then it is unlikely that either of you are HIV infected, but to be sure, both partners need to be monogamous and you should get another test. The risk of barebacking, however, goes beyond HIV. People can transmit herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia to each other, too -- so both partners should also be tested and treated, if infected, for these infections. There should be testing of the urine and rectum for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Both of these are treatable infections and can lay dormant in your body without symptoms. Ask your doctor for a full spectrum of STD tests for the different places you have sex -- throat, penis and/or rectum. If either of you are barebacking with each other and having other partners, it's important to have safe sex with the other partners so you don't bring anything home. 

Allergic to Latex Condoms?

Although a slight percentage (approximately 3%) of people are allergic to latex condoms Stop using latex rubbers and invest instead in polyurethane, tactylon or lambskin condoms. Keep in mind, however, that lambskin does not prevent the transmission of STDs.

Semen Leakage

  • Semen leakage is caused by a weakening of the parasympathetic sexual nerve that keeps the ejaculation valve closed and maintains the erection. If not taken care of, it's possible that maintaining an erection can become a problem as well.
  • To hold the erection up and tighten the ejaculation valve, you need a basic resting potential in the parasympathetic sexual motoring nerve and a continuous burst of testosterone to charge the nerves during sex. Testicular stimulation during intercourse can help the testosterone burst, and increase penile power and combat seminal leakage that often contributes to premature ejaculation (not to mention potential embarrassment in front of a partner).
  • There are herbal supplements that can help you achieve the quality sex you want by providing an increase in testosterone as fuel. Good luck.

Tips and Advice on Anal Sex



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