Nude Beach Destinations

There are several criteria that must be met for a beach. It must be publicly accessible, as in not part of a private club. It must be legal, not someplace that says "cover if you see anyone to avoid a ticket". And finally, it must be someplace I can find, so no "ask someone who knows" answers will be given on where a beach is located.

Global Guide

GAY Clothing-Optional
lakes, ponds, waterfalls, swimming holes, pools, hot springs, and even a meadow

World Beach List

Lots of places offer you lists of nude beaches. Some even provide directions. Here you will see where the beaches are on a map.

World Beach List is currently up to 250 clothing optional beaches. If you know of more beaches which meet the above criteria, please create yourself an account, add them to the browsable list (preferably with a review), and post a note in the nude beach discussion area to let me know about it. Also, please post a message regarding any corrections to the existing list.

Naturist UK Fact File

A guide to all aspects of naturism, nudism and clothing-optional recreation in Britain. NUFF is produced on a voluntary basis by naturists for the naturist community.

Best of Nude Beaches

United States

The internet has websites which are selective in their list. I have provided a random list of popular locations and will expand at a later time.

New Jersey

Gunnison Beach
Sandy Hook - This is an official nude beach. Refreshments are available and lifeguards are on duty. You know you're at the right place by the big ol' signs warning you that you may encounter nude sunbathers. Oh My! How shocking! Parking is available for about $5 a vehicle. As you get farther along the beach you'll notice that's where Gay Men prefer to hang out.


Little Beach
Makena, Maui - Climb over the bluff from Big Beach and discover one of Hawaii's most idyllic, if often rough, beaches.


Hippie Hollow
Austin - is a legally clothing-optional area just west of Austin on the rocky slopes around man-made Lake Travis.  


Black's Beach
San Francisco - avoid gawkers by heading to "North Baker Beach" although most of the people here will be gay males. The people here are friendly, including law enforcement who patrol horseback. The crowd is mixed, with a lot of students.
Deep Creek
Hot Springs - favorite nude spot in the world. The hot springs themselves are just plain neat, and the location is strikingly beautiful. You'll find many people, including plenty of families.
San Onofre
San Clement, San Diego - This popular beach stretches 3 1/2 miles and offers two areas for your camping pleasure. You'll also be pleased to discover lifeguards are on duty. The beach also features showers, restrooms, picnic tables, and fire pits.
Baker Beach
Sandy Hook,-This is an official nude beach. Refreshments are available and lifeguards are on duty. You know you're at the right place by the big ol' signs warning you that you may encounter nude sunbathers. Oh My! How shocking! Parking is available for about $5 a vehicle. As you get farther along the beach you'll notice that's where Gay Men prefer to hang out.
San Francisco County
Find nude beaches and clothing optional hot springs in CA.


Haulover Beach
 Miami-This beach is insanely popular and you're likely to find thousands of nudists there on a hot day. The beach offers lifeguards, (reasonably) friendly police, restrooms, showers and food, drink stalls.



Swanbourne Beach
This is an official nude beach which attracts hundreds upon hundreds of naturists, lured by the huge white sand dunes. Famous for being the location of the annual nude beach Olympics in late January or February.


Lady Jane Beach
On this continent famous for its hundreds of nude beaches, Lady Jane is the best-known gay beach.

Port Stephens

Samurai Beach
Tilligerry Peninsula on the south-western side and Tomaree Peninsula on the southern shores. Just under 200 dolphins make Port Stephen their permanent Home. You can also see whales along the coast of Port Stephens around November to December. Samurai Beach is the location of the world famous Nude Beach Carnival held every November. Events include nude volleyball, relay runs, and tug o' wars!


St. Maarten

Orient Beach
A St. Maarten law states NO waterfront properity can be privately owned, so you can enjoy the beach even if you're staying somewhere else. This beach is one of the most popular and well-attended clothing optional areas in the world!


Hawksbill Beach
 This is only established/legal nude beach on Antigua.

St. Martin

Ilet Pinel Island
There are no inhabitants, but there are two shack-restaurants which feed the several hundred tourists that are ferried over every day to bask on the wonderful sandy and shallow beach at the west end.


Santa Catarina

Praia do Pinho
Camboriú- Even though nude beaches aren't all over the place, surely Brazil would not be omitted from this list, considering its wealth of beaches and shoreline. Despite the relative newness of nude beaches here, Pinho Beach is in Santa Catarina (in the South), and opened in 1987 as the first legitimate nude beach. One thing for tourists to note is that while many nude beaches are actually clothing optional, this one's regulars are more keen on nudity than people on other beaches.


Praia do Abricó
 A preferred naturist site for its easy access, harmonious coexistence among the nude and the dressed. This beach has been identified as being either an official or unofficial clothing optional beach with common nude use.


Tambaba, in Indian language, means "what's inside the shells" Tambaba was chosen by the International Naturist Federation to host the XXXI International Congress of Naturism, to take place in 2008



Wreck Beach:
Legally clothing optional, this huge beach is popular as heck and set amid a stunning backdrop of mountains.

Toronto, Ontario

Hanlan's Point Beach
Str8 and Gay [the eye candy is ''Drop dead Gorgeous!] You are literally 12 minutes from the Gay Ghetto and Clubs. The men at the beach represent all types. There is a Nude Dance Twice a Month.

St. Martin

Ilet Pinel Island
There are no inhabitants, but there are two shack-restaurants which feed the several hundred tourists that are ferried over every day to bask on the wonderful sandy and shallow beach at the west end.


Quinta do Lago
This gay beach is set in the middle of a natural reserve and in Spring and early September, you will be able to see spectacular groups of migrating birds and wild ducks. Also nearby lies Faro airport, making this beach a plane-spotter's paradise!.

Vale do Lobo - Quarteira:
The gay beach between Vale do Lobo and Quarteira is also known as 'Cavalo Preto' beach (Black Horse beach). While driving to this beach from Quarteira requires a little spirit of adventure as the road is replaced, at the last stage, with a track through a pinewood forest, it is certainly worth the trip. It is a generously sized gay beach, with a large stretch of sand and dunes, and a bush area north of the dunes where cruising takes place.

Algarve - Portugal

Armação de Pera
 "Praia Grande" is a large beach with exceptional views of the seacoast, especially of the Armação de Pera bay. The sand is clean and the beach is shielded on the north side by extensive dunes and on the eastern side, by some rock formations marking the end of the nude gay beach. Like most gay beaches in the Algarve, you can go nude or wear beachwear.


Playa Piel
Margarita Island- the favorite place for those seeking that all-over-body tan. At low tide, you can maneuver around the rocks at the far end to a sheltered cove. If the mood strikes you, it's a good place to skinny dip. The only surprise intrusion would come by sea in the form of fishing skiff suddenly rounding the rocky point.

Canary Islands

You don't have to worry about being on the wrong beach while in the Canary Islands: ALL beaches are clothing optional! Naturism appears to be the norm, not the exception, at most of the beaches in Fuerteventura. Corralejo is easily the most developed and "commercial" of the areas, so if you enjoy being around lots of people and being in close proximity to services, Corralejo is for you.
Papagayo Beach
We're talking desert here, so bring plenty of drinking water. The beach itself is mainly nudist and fairly well popluated at that. The water is crystal clear and body surfing is possible on windy days!

Costa Rica

Quepos- On the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is this well-established nude beach located within the Manuel Antonio National Park. The advantage of Manuel Antonio is that there’s an ample variety of cabins and hotels to choose from, that might be close to “town” or set in the lush and peaceful hillside. This park is only seven kilometers Southeast from Quepos, and it’s one of the most visited protected areas.


Island of Hvar
 This location is very popular with naturists, mostly German and Italian tourists. The beaches, like most in Croatia, are quite rocky but the water offers lovely swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. If booking accommodation to stay, keep in mind the town center is gorgeous, but it's also an all-hours hot spot, so you won't be getting much sleep due to the noise level! While you're on Hvar you might also want to check out the islands of Jerolim and Stipanksa which are accessible via water taxi.


Bellevue Beach
Klampenborg - The beach here is wonderful with a lovely view to Sweden and the jaw-droping Bresund Bridge that links Denmark to Sweden. If you prefer to hang out with a gay crowd, walk to the northern part of the beach. Walking in the nude is forbidden in the metropolitan area but swimming or sunbathing nude is legal.


Studland Beach
Dorset, England With a name after a gay man's heart, this heartland reserve was once privately owned but is now public property. Dorset known as the 'Isle of Purbeck', separated from Bournemouth by the entrance to Poole harbour. Easily the best-known naturist beach in the UK, it has also been voted the sixth-best beach in Britain.

United Kingdom

Morfa Dyffryn
 Gwynedd, North Wales, United Kingdom- the naturist section, is situated in the northern quarter of this beach and is about one mile long. Dyffryn is a beautiful beach, with fine golden sand and clear water. Being isolated it is well suited to naturism. On hot and sunny weekends in the summer up to 500 naturists can be found using it.


Cap D'agde
This famous "naked city" offers nude banking, nude shopping and nude dining along with a lovely beach that's about three miles long. The beach is almost entirely nude. You'll find the occasional clothed gawker, but they are few and far between. Cap D'agde boasts three major hotel complexes, camp grounds and villas that are available for rent. The majority of guests are French (the resort being located in France and all) so although you can get by in many French cities speaking English, a lack of knowledge of the French language will be a definite drawback at this resort.


Super Paradise
Mykonos- The gayest beach on Greece's gayest island lets it all hang out, while not specifically catering to nudists.


Anjuna Beach
 Besides the calm waters of the Arabian Sea lapping softly on the Indian shore, Anjuna comes live with its ever-famous full-moon parties and the Wednesday flea market to take one on to a trance trip.
Ilet Vagator
soft white sands, the black lava rocks, the coconut palms, the lush green landscape, nature playing its own music, and the sea turning from aquamarine to emerald green—Vagator and Chapora, overlooked by the 500-year-old Portuguese fort, leaves each visitor awestruck.