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Download Ghostery, free for any browser and on mobile. Ghostery shows you the invisible tracking going on as you browse the web and allows you to block it if you want to.

Gain some knowledge, exert some control, and master online privacy.

Ghostery helps people around the world understand and control more than 1,600 trackers that are tracking them when they browse.



Learn about Interest-Based Advertising ("IBA"): Find out more about interest-based advertising and how it helps provide you with more relevant advertising on the websites you visit or applications you use. You'll learn how IBA supports the free content, products and services you use online, and what choices are provided to you through the DAA Program.

Exercise Your Choice: Visit the DAA’s Consumer Choice page, which allows users to conveniently opt out from Choice Page participating companies’ collection of Web viewing data over time and across unaffiliated sites for IBA and other applicable uses under the Principles.

Report a Complaint: If you believe that you have witnessed a practice or ad may violate the Principles, you can report the incident to either Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) or The Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Complaints may be filed by consumers, business entities or other stakeholders.

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